A Time for Change

Two major things happened to me this week.

The first thing was that I published my second book, ‘You Lose Some You Win One’, the sequel to ‘Have a Nice Weekend’. Three years after the first one was published, so not exactly quick, but still, I’ve done it.

Now I just need to get the third (and probably final) book in the series written. And finish the other three that I have started but not finished. Not to mention the short stories that are also half-written.

But I might not have seen the results of this achievement if the chest pains I had yesterday had resulted in the heart attack that I was probably overdue to have. Luckily, they were just pains, and after some tests and a few sprays of something under my tongue, I was sent home having been told that I hadn’t had a heart attack. I’m seeing my GP later. Maybe he’ll be able to say what actually happened.

Anyway, I am not telling you this for any sympathy, nor am I seeking attention. The point of this blog is to say I will be changing my diet, and as I discover or invent healthy versions of some of my favourite dishes, I will put the recipes up here. I am at least two stone (28 lbs) overweight. With a wife and daughter who are virtually vegans (they will eat eggs, but no dairy), moving to a low fat diet shouldn’t be hard, but I will still want some of my favourite foods, in a healthy form, otherwise I am likely to fall off the wagon and go back to my bad old ways.

So, for anyone who is interested, look out for some new recipes. 

But before that, I will be posting excerpts from the new book as well. I say excerpts, more likely whole chapters.

If you would like to buy it, on the other hand, the Amazon links are as follows:







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2 responses to “A Time for Change

  1. good luck with the book and the diet 🙂

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